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A. Requirement for permits.
A permit shall be required prior to the erection or alteration of any building, structure or portion thereof, including signs; prior to the use or change in use of a building or land; and prior to the change or extension of a nonconforming use of structure.
B. Application for permits.
Application for permits shall be made to the Township Zoning Officer on such forms as may be furnished by the Township. Each application shall contain all information necessary to ascertain whether the proposed erection, alteration, use or change in use complies with the provisions of this chapter.
C. Issuance of permits.
(1) No building or use permit shall be issued until the Zoning Officer has certified that the proposed building or alteration and the proposed use of the property comply with the provisions of this chapter.
(2) Permits shall be granted or refused within 45 days after date of application. In case of refusal, the applicant shall be informed of his right to appeal to the Zoning Hearing Board.
D. Expiration of permits.
Permits for the erection, razing, change, alteration or removal of a building shall be valid or effective for a period of not more than six months from the date of issuance thereof and shall thereafter be void, unless the work authorized by such permit shall have been substantially commenced within that period and continues with due diligence from that time forward. In no event shall a zoning permit be construed to authorize the development activities for more than a three-year period of time, after which time a new permit must be sought. If, however, the applicant has been delayed in proceeding with the work for which the permit was granted for reasons beyond his or her control and demonstrably not due to his or her own negligence, at the discretion of the Zoning Officer the permit may be renewed without additional cost to the applicant.
E. Certificate of occupancy.
(1) Upon completion of the erection or alteration of any building or portion thereof authorized by any permit obtained in compliance with this chapter, the holder of the permit shall notify the Zoning Officer of completion. No permit shall be considered complete or permanently effective until, the Zoning Officer has issued a certificate of occupancy certifying that the work has been inspected and approved as being in conformity with the permit and the provisions of this chapter.
(2) Prior to the transfer of ownership, lease or use of property, a certificate of occupancy must be obtained from the Zoning Officer.
(3) A certificate of occupancy shall be granted or refused within 15 days after the Zoning Officer has been notified of completion of construction or within 15 days of application to occupy premises or land.
F. Fees.
(1) The Board of Commissioners shall establish, by resolution, a schedule of fees, charges, expenses and collection procedures for building permits, certificates of occupancy, sign permits, special exceptions, variances, appeals, amendments and other matters pertaining to this chapter.
(2) A schedule of fees shall be posted in the office of the Zoning Officer and may be altered or amended by the Board of Commissioners only.
(3) No action shall be taken on any application for any special exception, variance, appeal or other similar matter pertaining to this chapter until all application fees, charges and expenses have been paid in full.

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Permits,forms, and applications are available for download here.